Tammy, a trainee pirate! Not for a game or anything, just for fun.

At the weekend I had a go of a Japanese NES game called Castle Excellent (aka Castlequest). It’s rather unfairly difficult, so this is Princess Margarita inevitably trying to rescue herself after the Prince has got Game Over.

Decided to do a bit of 3D modelling this weekend, because it’s been ages. I got a trial version of modo and did a 3D version of my recent Puzzle Island character art.

One of the two main characters of Puzzle Island (I really need to come up with a name for that). I realised whilst colouring this that I’d probably subconsciously stolen the pose from one of the Wyv and Keep pics. Incidentally, I’m rather looking forward to that game!

This is the original mockup I did of Puzzle Island, aaaages ago. I think the only thing I’ve reused from it is the tile with three flowers on. It also has Trixie and Troy in (from Treasure Treasure) who I’ve replaced with different characters.

Thought I’d celebrate the release of Fez with a bit of painting. A great game! Though I must admit I’m stumped when it comes to collecting the last few things. I’m sure I’ll figure it out, though.

I thought I’d post these 3D models from a puzzle game I was prototyping a while ago, Workchunk. I think that project’s probably dead now – though I’d like to bring the character back for another game in the future. I made the models in Wings3D. With the exception of the bomb’s fuse, they only […]

More moody Lizzy concept art.

Here’s more concept art for Elizabeth Shoots Ghosts! Lizzy’s got a bad feeling about this. The in-game art is ticking along, but it’s mostly rough first-pass stuff, so not worth posting here yet.

Elizabeth arrives at the gates to her father’s grounds. Why are they locked?

I do a lot of sketching and stuff, and am aiming to post more of it on here. This one’s a concept for the living area of a yacht.

A pixel triptych that I did a while ago to commemorate an excellent holiday to Tokyo.

Trixie has clearly been working on her tan.

I just realised I never posted this. Another art attack for work, the theme being “quiet”.

Another themed pixelart, “secret”. I think I could have worked on it a little more but I’m quite happy to call it done and move on to something else. 256×192, 18 colours.

Pixelart on the theme “Growth”. 8 colours, 256×192.

Mockups for a DS platformer with world map.

Another mockup, this time for a game using a circular screen. Climb the tower, escape the lava!

Lava, surely a staple feature of any good platformer. I should use it in a game sometime.

A mockup for a shooter designed for the GP2X. The plan was to hold the console sideways to play the game vertically.

A little experiment in full saturation graphics. If you look at it for too long everything else looks grey!

Scenery and background for an action platformer, inspired by the excellent Legend Of Princess.

A bit of four-colour RPG tileset, I think largely inspired by Chrono Trigger.

For an art attack thing at work. The theme was “cold”. A bit of pixelart and a drawing.

A cute low poly boar.

A sort of 3D diorama based on Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage, just for fun.