A cute low poly boar.

A sort of 3D diorama based on Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage, just for fun.

As usual Christmas needs saving, and only Johnny Platform can do it! Take on upgraded evil robots across 100 levels using Johnny’s new rolling skill, bombs, presents, flaming Christmas puddings and lots more coffee.

Play as Johnny Platform himself in this retro-styled platformer! Do death-defying double-jumps and solve puzzles in your quest to defeat the evil robot army… and don’t forget to drink plenty of coffee along the way.

Trixie and Troy need to combine their talents, think carefully and blow things up to find all the treasures hidden in an abandoned castle.

Whilst working at Atomic Planet Entertainment, I worked with Sumo Digital to add some features as an update to this cute PS3 game.

Dodge bullets until you die.

Brave the darkest depths of space and time in this epic struggle between you and floating lumps of rock of various colours and sizes!

Make use of the different properties of blocks, bombs, diamonds, teleporters and antigravity machines as you try and match one side of the screen to the other.

Travel across a variety of landscapes solving tricky domino-toppling puzzles in order to retrieve some packets of crisps!

Baby daleks, platforms, bouncy things and coins! Someone call a doctor.