Rayteoactive, creator of Tobe’s Vertical Adventure, made this awesome fan art featuring Johnny Platform. Johnny is looking possibly more freaky than ever before (too much caffeine, I expect). This reminds me to also link to this cool one from Burn The Internet. Thanks!

Another themed pixelart, “secret”. I think I could have worked on it a little more but I’m quite happy to call it done and move on to something else. 256×192, 18 colours.

Pixelart on the theme “Growth”. 8 colours, 256×192.

Recently I’ve been working on a brand new framework for my XNA games to make development speedy, and have done about half an hour’s work on a potential next project.

Mockups for a DS platformer with world map.

Another mockup, this time for a game using a circular screen. Climb the tower, escape the lava!

Lava, surely a staple feature of any good platformer. I should use it in a game sometime.

A mockup for a shooter designed for the GP2X. The plan was to hold the console sideways to play the game vertically.

A little experiment in full saturation graphics. If you look at it for too long everything else looks grey!

Scenery and background for an action platformer, inspired by the excellent Legend Of Princess.

A bit of four-colour RPG tileset, I think largely inspired by Chrono Trigger.

For an art attack thing at work. The theme was “cold”. A bit of pixelart and a drawing.

The site seems to be as good as finished, or at least functional (as long as you don’t click on devlog). So I officially declare it open!