Trixie has clearly been working on her tan.

8 Bit Horse recently did a startingly detailed feature on Treasure Treasure and my previous games! 8 Bit Horse: Treasure Treasure It was part of a whole week of Xbox Live Indie Games features so it’s naturally worth a look. 8 Bit Horse: XBLIG Week

Do you spend every waking minute pondering how UpBot Goes Up came to be? Do you crave to unravel the mysteries behind the game? Who thought of it, ¬†when, why, and what does DownBot do? Look no further, ladies and gentlemen! Bateleur, creator of the Flash-based version of the upcoming puzzle game UpBot Goes Up, […]

The latest Veteran Gamers podcast features an interview with yours truly, in which we discuss games, game design, and of course tea and biscuits. Click Here Go on, download it. Go on!

Trixie and Troy need to combine their talents, think carefully and blow things up to find all the treasures – then another treasure – hidden in an abandoned castle.

Treasure Treasure: FFEE is now available on the Xbox Live marketplace, in the Indie Games section! Here is a link. There’s also a trailer: