The bots must reach their launch pads. They can only move in one direction, but luckily, they’re good at working together! An easy to learn, hard to master puzzle game.

UpBot Goes Up will be released on Xbox Live Indie Games on Tuesday 24th May! Hurrah! Here are the final screenshots that will accompany the game on the marketplace.

Here’s the ‘boxart’ for UpBot Goes Up. So now you know what to look out for on the XBLIG Marketplace when it’s released!

Who needs screenshots when you have a trailer? “A puzzle game in development for Xbox Live Indie Games. All bots of the same colour must move at the same time, and only in the direction they’re facing. Move the bots, use them to push each other, travel through portals, and reach the launch pads! – […]

It’s another UpBot Goes Up screenshot! But now the game is using XNA 4 – which means it’s closer to being in a releasable state.