Decided to do a bit of 3D modelling this weekend, because it’s been ages. I got a trial version of modo and did a 3D version of my recent Puzzle Island character art.

One of the two main characters of Puzzle Island (I really need to come up with a name for that). I realised whilst colouring this that I’d probably subconsciously stolen the pose from one of the Wyv and Keep pics. Incidentally, I’m rather looking forward to that game!

This is the original mockup I did of Puzzle Island, aaaages ago. I think the only thing I’ve reused from it is the tile with three flowers on. It also has Trixie and Troy in (from Treasure Treasure) who I’ve replaced with different characters.

Long time no post! I’ve been very busy at work, but have been chipping away at this puzzle game occasionally. It doesn’t really have a name yet – it’s just called Puzzle Island for now. It’s a mouse-based puzzler where you just click to issue orders (in the case of this screenshot, click the bomb […]