Thought I’d celebrate the release of Fez with a bit of painting. A great game! Though I must admit I’m stumped when it comes to collecting the last few things. I’m sure I’ll figure it out, though.

More moody Lizzy concept art.

Here’s more concept art for Elizabeth Shoots Ghosts! Lizzy’s got a bad feeling about this. The in-game art is ticking along, but it’s mostly rough first-pass stuff, so not worth posting here yet.

Elizabeth arrives at the gates to her father’s grounds. Why are they locked?

I do a lot of sketching and stuff, and am aiming to post more of it on here. This one’s a concept for the living area of a yacht.

Trixie has clearly been working on her tan.

I just realised I never posted this. Another art attack for work, the theme being “quiet”.

Another mockup, this time for a game using a circular screen. Climb the tower, escape the lava!