Please note: as of 3rd April 2012 I’ve decided to take this game down from my website, as I don’t feel comfortable offering a version of the game when the creators of the game are also doing so. I’ve left this page here though so there’s a record of it.

Make use of the different properties of blocks, bombs, diamonds, teleporters and antigravity machines as you try and match one side of the screen to the other.

This is a remake of another great Amiga game. It was created in three months for the Retro Remakes 2006 Competition, in which it won Second Place and also a Judge’s Spot Prize.

In Clockwiser you have to move the blocks on the left side of the screen around to match up with the right side of the screen. It starts off simple, but soon becomes a very challenging game. There are a few difficulty level options to help ease the pain, the best of which is a really handy undo feature. There’re around 125 puzzles included, as well as a level editor for you to play around with.

The competition was geared towards accessibility. The game is 100% playable without touching the keyboard, so it can be played using a headtracker device. There’s also an alternative graphics scheme designed for colour-blind people (see the fourth screenshot below).

Credit and thanks go to the creators of the original game. I also recommend, a free version of the game made by the original creators.

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