Mockups for a DS platformer with world map.


6 Responses

  1. That looks tasty as hell, Mr. Craig.

    Are you planning to develop any of these mockups?

  2. Would love to, especially this one. Time is a bit of a problem, as always, especially considering most of my mockups are for big games.

  3. Was this the wall jumping Mario World inspired thing?

  4. Aye that it was. The map here was the first island, with the big tree being a hidden level. I think it’d be nice on DS, would work on any console though.

  5. It really does make you want to play this game. Are you planning on making more mockups to go along with this?

  6. Hmm, hadn’t really thought about it actually. I may get back to it in the future and add more to it, though I’d say it’s unlikely unless I start actually making it.