My upcoming game UpBot Goes Up relies a lot on colour to distinguish the different robots from each other. This can present a big problem to colour-blind gamers, something that is overlooked far too often by developers.

Here’s an example screenshot from UpBot, with the normal version first followed by simulations of three types of colour-blindness (created using this filter):


UpBot and DownBot (yellow and green) become especially difficult to tell apart.


To solve this UpBot features a colour-blindness option, that ends up looking like this:


The colours have been altered so that they are easier to tell apart. Each bot also has its own logo (the same shape as their eyes) to provide a definite difference. This logo is also used on the bots’ target zones.

An afternoon well spent I think – hopefully it’ll make a difference for a few people!


Check out BlindGiRl too. An Xbox Live Indie Game with built-in colour-blind filters.

4 Responses

  1. The work you’ve done on that is absolutely excellent! That is exactly what is needed for colourblind gamers, I’m really impressed!

    Brilliant 😀

  2. Oh nice! This is going to be perfect for me now. I’m only colour deficient, but the symbols are much easier for me. So glad it will be implemented.

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  4. colour blindness has never been overlooked by game developers!!

    there’s such a high percent of people with sight difficulties not just colourblindness.