Having not done much recently I thought this little project would be fun. I got the old images and data from Treasure Treasure and created a massive map of the whole game.

Well it turns out it’s not that massive – 1280 by 800 which is only slightly bigger than 720p HD.

Click for full size!


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  2. I must reiterate, Treasure Treasure is a fantastic game. I would enjoy a poster of this image at at least A3 size.

    Also, since watching you storm through JPSC the other weekend I’ve had another bash at it, I’m not as shit as I was, you’ll be glad to hear.

    In all, well done.

  3. […] has made a full map picture thing from his excellent game Treasure Treasure: Fortress […]

  4. Why thank you Matt! Nice of you to say. Feel free to print it out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I love game maps like that, it reminds me of games like Turrican or Dizzy.