Here’s another iPod / iPhone / iPad game that me and a few other guys made at work.

It’s a sparkly, colourful physics-based puzzler. Simply tap the screen to drop coins from the top. Try to light the pins, capture the Bad Pennies, rescue Girl Coins, smash bricks, demolish things, and tons more stuff too.

It’s a game I’m truly proud of, so please give it a go!

App Store Link

Did I mention it’s only £0.59 / $0.99 / ¥115 / 0,79 € ?

Coin Drop! on the iTunes App Store


Twitter Highlights

Coin Drop seems to have an ability to generate some imaginative comments on Twitter, so here are some of my faves.

@charltonbrooker (Charlie Brooker..!)

Arrgh. Coin Drop on the iPhone. Angry Birds crossed with Peggle. That’s like crossing crack cocaine with bubble wrap. SEND HELP.


Oh dear, I downloaded coin drop.


The dog is actually playing Coin Drop!! Might want to wipe the screen afterwards though.


Coin Drop has passed the ‘legs have gone numb on the toilet’ test #tmimonday


oh Coin Drop, you luscious bastard.



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