The bots must reach their launch pads. They can only move in one direction, but luckily, they’re good at working together! An easy to learn, hard to master puzzle game.

UpBot Goes Up is an original puzzle game for Xbox Live Indie Games. It seems simple enough – press the A, B, X or Y buttons to move the DownBots, RightBots, LeftBots or UpBots in the direction they’re facing – but like all the best puzzle games it gets devilishly tricky by the end.

Creation of the game was started by LeFishy, Bateleur and myself at TIGJam UK – a game-making weekend for people from TIGSource.

– 60 levels split between three difficulties
– Shiny graphics
– Excellent music
– An Undo feature, to avoid annoying mistakes
– Colour-blind mode
– One-button mode (accessibility option)

Buy it on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace – 240 MSP



Screen1PNG Screen2PNG

Screen3PNG Screen4PNG

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