The results for Ludum Dare 23 were announced. My game This Precious Land came 6th! Thanks to everyone who voted!

I’ve been avoiding showing too much of the later stages of the game, as the fun of it is discovering how the game works through playing. But here’s my perfect landscape, I think.

3 Responses

  1. Your game entry was awesome! =D
    Deserved a higher position by the “time spent doing:time worth playing” ratio.
    If you try to gain more fame/views, add a tutorial about all resources(and the stores that i haven’t figured out yet), and expand the grid limit, i bet this prototype could get at least 10 times more downloads + fun.

    I got kinda sad when i barely found any links to the game when “googling”(?) it on my friend’s home.

  2. Probably after the ludum dare competition, some people may come here looking forward about your entry(like post-competition development), and will search similar projects. By increasing the “This Precious Land” game, more people may spread word about it and faster.

  3. Cheers Rodrigo. Glad you enjoyed it! I have some ideas for expanding / improving the game, but for now I think I’m quite happy to leave it as a small prototype. I quite like the simplicity of it and have other things to work on anyway.