Well I haven’t worked on my shmup Heart Attack for around 3 years. I’m reviving it, with a tank instead of a spaceship and hopefully some lovely 3D models! Building on work I did before the gameplay systems are coming together. The bullet system is really flexible, and entities are  all put together through XML […]

Long time no post! I’ve been very busy at work, but have been chipping away at this puzzle game occasionally. It doesn’t really have a name yet – it’s just called Puzzle Island for now. It’s a mouse-based puzzler where you just click to issue orders (in the case of this screenshot, click the bomb […]

I thought I’d write a quick postmortem of my recent Ludum Dare entry, This Precious Land. For those who don’t know, Ludum Dare is a 48-hour game creation competition. A theme is given at the start of the time, and all art, audio and code must be created in the time frame by one person. […]

It’s Screenshot Saturday time! This is another mockup for Elizabeth Shoots Ghosts. I’ve revamped the graphics quite significantly since the last mockup I posted.

This weekend I’m working on a game for the Ludum Dare 48 hour game making competition. The theme is ‘alone’, which initially sounded pretty gloomy to me – so I’m making something as bright and colourful as possible. My initial idea was to reverse the classic puzzle game mechanic of matching things of the same […]

I didn’t get very far on that puzzle game I was prototyping, so it’s time for plan B – another platformer. I’m aiming for this to be a free PC game, like the good old days! I’ve got a devlog set up on the TIGSource forums where I’ll attempt to keep track of progress, if […]

Trying to keep up with the Screenshot Saturdays, although this one is a bit late. I spent a fantastic weekend in London at a games jam held at the London Hackspace. Me and Ricky of Honeyslug made a bit more progress on our very long term project, Elizabeth Shoots Ghosts. Here’s a mini mockup. It’s still […]

Screenshot Saturday time! I’m working on prototyping a puzzle game called Workchunk. The current plan for the gameplay is kind of a cross between Popils, which I’ve never played, and the brilliant Ilomilo. Also, maybe some stuff from Clockwiser and Puyo Puyo. I’m just designing as I go, which is always fun.

UpBot Goes Up will be released on Xbox Live Indie Games on Tuesday 24th May! Hurrah! Here are the final screenshots that will accompany the game on the marketplace.

Here’s the ‘boxart’ for UpBot Goes Up. So now you know what to look out for on the XBLIG Marketplace when it’s released!

Who needs screenshots when you have a trailer? “A puzzle game in development for Xbox Live Indie Games. All bots of the same colour must move at the same time, and only in the direction they’re facing. Move the bots, use them to push each other, travel through portals, and reach the launch pads! – […]

It’s another UpBot Goes Up screenshot! But now the game is using XNA 4 – which means it’s closer to being in a releasable state.

Trying to keep up the Screenshot Saturday thing! It’s just a mockup really, but the game does exist. I’m doing art, and Ricky Haggett / Kommander Klobb is doing code. The design just makes itself up as we go.

Well tomorrow is Christmas so I’m not gonna post stuff then. I added a glow effect around the coloured tiles that the bots need to get too. Oh yeah! Merry Christmas!

Thought I’d try and get into the habit of posting more on this here website, so I’ll try stealing Screenshot Saturday from Twitter. Currently back working on UpBot Goes Up, hoping to finish it in January. So here’s a screenshot, even though it doesn’t really show anything new – all of the in-game stuff has […]

Do you spend every waking minute pondering how UpBot Goes Up came to be? Do you crave to unravel the mysteries behind the game? Who thought of it,  when, why, and what does DownBot do? Look no further, ladies and gentlemen! Bateleur, creator of the Flash-based version of the upcoming puzzle game UpBot Goes Up, […]

Treasure Treasure: FFEE is now available on the Xbox Live marketplace, in the Indie Games section! Here is a link. There’s also a trailer:

With any luck Treasure Treasure: FFEE will be out on Xbox Live Indie Games pretty soon. To celebrate here are some more screenies, you lucky people!

So UpBot will be finished at some point in the future – but in the meantime I’m making an Xbox Live Indie Games version of Treasure Treasure! It’s a fairly straightforward port, no fancy colours or HD remix or anything, but as the name suggests there will be one or two extra bits. Here’s the […]

Problem: My upcoming game UpBot Goes Up relies a lot on colour to distinguish the different robots from each other. This can present a big problem to colour-blind gamers, something that is overlooked far too often by developers. Here’s an example screenshot from UpBot, with the normal version first followed by simulations of three types […]

I am excited to announce: UpBot Goes Up! It’s an Xbox Live Indie Game that I’m working on with LeFishy and Bateleur, who I met at TIGJam UK, a get-together of people from TIGSource. The plan is for three versions; XBLIG, iPhone and Flash. It’s a retro style puzzle game – that means simple mechanics, […]

Recently I’ve been working on a brand new framework for my XNA games to make development speedy, and have done about half an hour’s work on a potential next project.