Fallblox / Crashmo is out on 3DS now, a follow up to Pullblox / Pushmo, and another amazing puzzle game. Following on from my Pullblox levels collection, here I’ll post any Fallblox levels that I make.  Obviously my first level is another battenberg.  Not an amazing level, but playing with ideas to do with the […]

The results for Ludum Dare 23 were announced. My game This Precious Land came 6th! Thanks to everyone who voted! I’ve been avoiding showing too much of the later stages of the game, as the fun of it is discovering how the game works through playing. But here’s my perfect landscape, I think.

Today I stumbled across this historic image on an old SD card. These are the original bourbon biscuits that inspired the biscuit theme of Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp!

GameSpy were nice enough to feature two of my games in their 101 Free PC Games of 2011! Thanks, GameSpy! The two games were Johnny Platform Saves Christmas and Split Party. Lots of other games that are worth a look on there too.

A while ago I went to Bit of Alright, a quality day of game design talks / presentations / misc in London. One of the  sections that I put in the ‘misc’ category was Game Design Rocks, where the challenge was to make a game involving rocks. Me and a few other people came up […]

I highly recommend everyone buys Pullblox (Pushmo in the US), a rather lovely puzzle game available on the 3DS eShop. It has a level editor so if I make any decent levels, I’ll collect them in this post. Super-size levels, and levels containing manholes and pullout switches, can only be played once you’ve unlocked those […]

The results were announced for Ludum Dare 22, for which I created Split Party. The game was voted joint 6th overall, and joint 3rd in the Fun category. That’s made my day! Thanks to everyone who voted, and congrats to the winners. Go check out some of the games.

I did an interview for Quote Unquote, a website that interviews indie game developers. There’s a load of my concept art, mockups and abandoned (or “on hold”) project screenshots at the end of the interview, too! Quote Unquote – The Last and Final Word: Craig Forrester

It’s December! Johnny Platform Saves Christmas is two years old. To celebrate, I’m releasing the game as a free PC download. The download is available on the game’s page. I’ve avoided releasing XNA games on PC until now, having heard plenty of stories about them being awkward to get running, requiring the XNA and .NET […]

This news is a little belated, but still relevant – Terry Cavanagh very kindly invited me to make a level to be included with version 2.0 of his platformer VVVVVV. So I did! It’s called Variation Venture, and is fairly hard in places, but shouldn’t cause you to swear too much. I believe all old […]

Johnny Platform Saves Christmas! has been out for a year! To celebrate, the price has been dropped to 80 Microsoft Points. Merry Christmas!

8 Bit Horse recently did a startingly detailed feature on Treasure Treasure and my previous games! 8 Bit Horse: Treasure Treasure It was part of a whole week of Xbox Live Indie Games features so it’s naturally worth a look. 8 Bit Horse: XBLIG Week

The latest Veteran Gamers podcast features an interview with yours truly, in which we discuss games, game design, and of course tea and biscuits. Click Here Go on, download it. Go on!

It’s like fan art, but better, because it’s friend art! This was kindly drawn by my friend Matt, talented animator but more importantly the creator of the Animal on Animal blog. Trixie has all the important Trixie details, and Troy has his beard and grumpiness – perfect! Ta Matt.

Having not done much recently I thought this little project would be fun. I got the old images and data from Treasure Treasure and created a massive map of the whole game. Well it turns out it’s not that massive – 1280 by 800 which is only slightly bigger than 720p HD. Click for full […]

Rayteoactive, creator of Tobe’s Vertical Adventure, made this awesome fan art featuring Johnny Platform. Johnny is looking possibly more freaky than ever before (too much caffeine, I expect). This reminds me to also link to this cool one from Burn The Internet. Thanks!

The site seems to be as good as finished, or at least functional (as long as you don’t click on devlog). So I officially declare it open!