Having not done much recently I thought this little project would be fun. I got the old images and data from Treasure Treasure and created a massive map of the whole game.

Well it turns out it’s not that massive – 1280 by 800 which is only slightly bigger than 720p HD.

Click for full size!


‘Puzzle Bots’ is a light-hearted adventure game guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It’s got quirky characters, laugh-out-loud dialog, and brain-tickling puzzles.

This is a brilliant adventure game by Erin Robinson and Wadjet Eye Games, which I did some pixel art for! The dialogue is genuinely funny, and the gameplay is enjoyable for both you and your mother. What more could you ask for? Go buy it!

Screenshots and a free demo at the Puzzle Bots page on Wadjet Eye Games


My upcoming game UpBot Goes Up relies a lot on colour to distinguish the different robots from each other. This can present a big problem to colour-blind gamers, something that is overlooked far too often by developers.

Here’s an example screenshot from UpBot, with the normal version first followed by simulations of three types of colour-blindness (created using this filter):


UpBot and DownBot (yellow and green) become especially difficult to tell apart.


To solve this UpBot features a colour-blindness option, that ends up looking like this:


The colours have been altered so that they are easier to tell apart. Each bot also has its own logo (the same shape as their eyes) to provide a definite difference. This logo is also used on the bots’ target zones.

An afternoon well spent I think – hopefully it’ll make a difference for a few people!


Check out BlindGiRl too. An Xbox Live Indie Game with built-in colour-blind filters.

I just realised I never posted this. Another art attack for work, the theme being “quiet”.


I am excited to announce: UpBot Goes Up! It’s an Xbox Live Indie Game that I’m working on with LeFishy and Bateleur, who I met at TIGJam UK, a get-together of people from TIGSource. The plan is for three versions; XBLIG, iPhone and Flash.

It’s a retro style puzzle game – that means simple mechanics, but not-so-simple puzzles. Based on the title of the game you can probably guess what LeftBot, RightBot and DownBot do.

Enough talk, more screenshots.


As a side note, if you’re interested in XBLIG I heartily recommend joining in the community at the xblig.co.uk forums – for both developers and players.

Rayteoactive, creator of Tobe’s Vertical Adventure, made this awesome fan art featuring Johnny Platform. Johnny is looking possibly more freaky than ever before (too much caffeine, I expect).

This reminds me to also link to this cool one from Burn The Internet.


Another themed pixelart, “secret”. I think I could have worked on it a little more but I’m quite happy to call it done and move on to something else. 256×192, 18 colours.


It started out in the initial sketch as a waterfall scene, but someone suggested lava, which it turns out makes for much more interesting lighting anyway.

Pixelart on the theme “Growth”. 8 colours, 256×192.


Recently I’ve been working on a brand new framework for my XNA games to make development speedy, and have done about half an hour’s work on a potential next project.


I appreciate it’s not that interesting, but in the interests of actually posting something in the Devlog category, this does the job!

Don’t worry, I won’t post every incremental step of progress. Just every other step.

The graphics are placeholder; they’re a shameless rip-off of Arkedo Series – 02 SWAP!, which incidentally you should buy.

Mockups for a DS platformer with world map.


Another mockup, this time for a game using a circular screen. Climb the tower, escape the lava!


Lava, surely a staple feature of any good platformer. I should use it in a game sometime.


A mockup for a shooter designed for the GP2X. The plan was to hold the console sideways to play the game vertically.


A little experiment in full saturation graphics. If you look at it for too long everything else looks grey!


Scenery and background for an action platformer, inspired by the excellent Legend Of Princess.


A bit of four-colour RPG tileset, I think largely inspired by Chrono Trigger.


For an art attack thing at work. The theme was “cold”.

Representing the coders with some 16-colour efficiency:


And more Trixie from Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage. Cold climate, unquestionably underdressed.


The site seems to be as good as finished, or at least functional (as long as you don’t click on devlog). So I officially declare it open!

A cute low poly boar.


A sort of 3D diorama based on Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage, just for fun.


As usual Christmas needs saving, and only Johnny Platform can do it! Take on upgraded evil robots across 100 levels using Johnny’s new rolling skill, bombs, presents, flaming Christmas puddings and lots more coffee.

The follow up to Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp, for Xbox Live Indie Games.

Buy it on Xbox Live Marketplace – 80 MSP

Also now available as a free PC download!

Download for PC – 7.35 MB

The PC version requires the XNA 3.1 and .NET 2.0 runtimes to be installed. Don’t worry, more detailed information is included in the ReadMe.txt file.





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Play as Johnny Platform himself in this retro-styled platformer! Do death-defying double-jumps and solve puzzles in your quest to defeat the evil robot army… and don’t forget to drink plenty of coffee along the way.

JPBR started out as a DS homebrew game, and was later ported to Xbox Live Indie Games. Development time for both versions combined was around 2-3 weeks, so it’s a little rough around the edges but still plays nicely. The Xbox version comes with 5 extra levels, plus some re-ordering of the existing levels for difficulty balancing.

Buy it on Xbox Live Marketplace – 80 MSP

DS Version

DS Emulator-friendly Version


Levels 11-20 (video made by solidsnate228)




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Trixie and Troy need to combine their talents, think carefully and blow things up to find all the treasures hidden in an abandoned castle.

This is a two player split-screen puzzle/platform game, with local co-op only. You can use two joypads if you have them, but snuggling together on one keyboard is just as fun. The castle is pretty maze-like so there’s plenty of exploration to be done too.

Game Download

Colour Mod

CosinusPW kindly made a Colour Mod for the game, replacing the original GameBoy style graphics with more of a GameBoy Color feel.

Colour Mod Files





An early Work In Progress video of the game

A video showcasing the Colour Mod. This video is also a walkthrough, so don’t watch it if you don’t want spoilers!


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1Up 20 Years Of Game Boy Feature

Whilst on my placement year at Atomic Planet Entertainment (as part of my university course), I worked with Sumo Digital to add some features as an update to this cute PS3 game.

I added some new unlockables, regional leaderboards, an ingame store, and some – may I say, rather excellent – Dual Shock vibration.

More information about the game can be found on the PlayStation site.

Dodge bullets until you die.

A quick game I put together to test a shoot-em-up bullet pattern system. Simply dodge the abstract yellow shape’s bullets for as long as possible whilst shooting back to score points. It’s fully mouse controlled, with no clicking required, so it’s suitable for use with a headtracker.

Game Download



Brave the darkest depths of space and time in this epic struggle between you and floating lumps of rock of various colours and sizes!

Well it’s certainly not original, but never mind, eh? This was done as a weekend project as a quick test for rotation using vectors and matrices.

It features a couple of two-player modes: a co-operative version of the main game and a Space Wars-style battle mode around a gravity-vortex-thing.

Game Download



Please note: as of 3rd April 2012 I’ve decided to take this game down from my website, as I don’t feel comfortable offering a version of the game when the creators of the game are also doing so. I’ve left this page here though so there’s a record of it.

Make use of the different properties of blocks, bombs, diamonds, teleporters and antigravity machines as you try and match one side of the screen to the other.

This is a remake of another great Amiga game. It was created in three months for the Retro Remakes 2006 Competition, in which it won Second Place and also a Judge’s Spot Prize.

In Clockwiser you have to move the blocks on the left side of the screen around to match up with the right side of the screen. It starts off simple, but soon becomes a very challenging game. There are a few difficulty level options to help ease the pain, the best of which is a really handy undo feature. There’re around 125 puzzles included, as well as a level editor for you to play around with.

The competition was geared towards accessibility. The game is 100% playable without touching the keyboard, so it can be played using a headtracker device. There’s also an alternative graphics scheme designed for colour-blind people (see the fourth screenshot below).

Credit and thanks go to the creators of the original game. I also recommend www.playclockwiser.com, a free version of the game made by the original creators.

Game Download




Travel across a variety of landscapes solving tricky domino-toppling puzzles in order to retrieve some packets of crisps!

A remake of one of my favourite Amiga games. It’s a puzzle game in which you basically have to arrange the dominoes on each screen so that you can knock them all over in one go. Dominoes that behave differently and varying environments spice things up nicely.

Many thanks and credit to the creators of the original game.

Game Download




In the past I’ve mentioned a future sequel. I would still like to do it at some point, and do in fact have a full set of puzzle designs for it, but I’m currently focusing more on my own original game ideas.

During the second year of university one project was to make a 3D game, with a Doctor Who theme. I was really into Mario 64 at the time so I made a 3D platformer.

This is just a single level demo with no real goal, although exploring the level for all the coins is quite fun. It needs an Xbox 360 pad to be properly playable.

Doctor Who is copyright of the BBC.

Demo Download




“Easter Egg”

Because glitches are fun! Video by Dægg Peddå.